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CD Seinaru Rinne (Divine Sound)

CD Seinaru Rinne (Divine Sound)

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Recording time: 8 songs total, 47 minutes 17 seconds

Maon Wa (Singing Ring)
Yoshihiro Kawasaki (sound design)
Yukari Tatsumura (Producer)

A delicate and beautiful harmony of natural sounds and singing rings created by sound design master Yoshihiro Kawasaki.

“When you are immersed in the sound of the sacred singing ring, an indescribable sense of comfort arises from deep inside your body, and your body and mind are relaxed. This is probably because the sound spirits (waves) resonate with each cell, or even each atom, retuning dissonance into harmonious sounds.Life always desires to play a symphony of harmony. is"
Director of the movie “Earth Symphony” Hitoshi Tatsumura

Recording time: 8 songs total 47 minutes 17 seconds

1. Drops of Time (4 minutes 37 seconds)
2. Sacred Bell Sound (5 minutes 35 seconds)
3. Wind waves (2 minutes 51 seconds)
4. Water Planet (2 minutes 41 seconds)
5. Green heartbeat (5 minutes 46 seconds)
6. Tides to the Moon (9 minutes 38 seconds)
7. Silent Prayer (9 minutes 45 seconds)
8.Tuning of Spirit (6 minutes)
*If you listen to track 8 with headphones, the sense of realism will be conveyed even more vividly.


This product is only available in Japan.



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