Utilise the power

of sound

Originally, all the cells in our body are vibrating and are in tune with each other and creating harmony. However, when we are stressed, we lose this healthy balanced frequency and create an unhealthy state of body and mind.  Scientific research proves that Singing RingⓇ is a healing instrument that can tune the cells in our body and mind back to their original state and create balance.

All sounds have a unique frequency that resonates with our body and mind. By using the power of Singing Ring’s sound, we can balance our body and mind to improve our quality of life.

Sion Inc. Academy provides events and seminars of Singing Ring sound therapy.

Utilise the power

of colour

Each of us has a unique colour segmentation which resonates with our own individual frequency. When you know your unique colour segmentation and apply it to your clothes and household, your first impression on others will improve, and you will live a better everyday life.

​Seminar campaign

"Playing love around the Sacred Celestial Piller" by French artist, Mr. Markesthel.

Which Izanami and Izanagi are painted with Singing Ringing Ring.

When you apply either for the basic / intermediate / advanced / colour seminar, you’ll receive a clear file and postcard of this special painting ♪

Period: January 7, 2022 - March 31, 2022


Condition : Basic / Intermediate / Advanced / Colour Seminar application / re-take


We will send you the campaign gift with text book ♪


For a healthier and more abundant life


To live a healthier and more abundant life, Sion Inc. proposes a self-realization lifestyle based on three metrics.


Internal Quality

Heighten the energy levels in your body by keeping yourself healthy with a balanced diet and exercise plan that suit you.


External Quality
Heighten your external qualities by matching the colours, clothes and accessories to your energy frequency.



Spiritual Quality

Heighten the spiritual energy that is deeper than your internal quality by watching beautiful art or scenery and polishing your personality from a variety of life experiences.


Using the trinity of these qualities, heighten your internal quality, ignite your harmonious light within, and you will brighten up the people around you.

Power of Sounds and Colours


Soundwaves and colour (light) are a type of electromagnetic waves. From low Hz to high Hz, there is an unlimited number of frequencies in an electromagnetic wave. These same types of frequencies resonate with each other. When you utilize the frequency of the colour and sound that matches with your unique frequency, your body, mind and spirit will be balanced, and your human qualities will be improved to create a more healthy, harmonised and abundant life.

Experience the sound of Singing Ring

Experience the sound

of Singing Ring®︎

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Singing Ring Luli group chat event.

  December 22nd (Wednesday)

19: 00 ~ 20: 30 at Zoom

Sorry, only in Japanese.


Singing Ring Yoga

Sound healing exercise

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21 days Self-Care Program

​Let's enjoy self-care using Singing Ring for three weeks in the group!


Movie "Gaia Symphony No.6&No9" screening & Sound healing

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Singing Ring Online Lounge

Various events and videos are available! (sorry only in Japanese)

If you would like to check various schedules, please check Singing Ring Global website​


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