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Colour & Style Seminar

Colour & Style Program 


About Colour & Style Program

Sion Inc. Academy is holding the original colour seminar based on the 12 Segmentation Colour system created by Sion Kazu.Sion created this special seminar through knowledge attained in the United States and consulting many clients.

For ladies

Beauty Magic Program

This seminar improves your beauty and includes colour theory, colour psychology, 12 colour segmentation, fashion consulting, and makeup consulting. 

This seminar is currently only available in Japanese.

→More details and apply in Japanese

For gentlemen

Men’s professional appearance seminar.

The seminar improves your human quality by creating a good first impression through colour theory, colour psychology, 12 colour segmentation, facial analytics, and business fashion consulting.

→More details and apply in Japanese

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Colour seminar lecturer

Sion Kazu

The colour & image consultant, the creator of Singing Ring®︎

Sion has provided the 12 colour segmentation consultation to a number of celebrities, politicians, and artists in the U.S.A. and Japan.
She has created the original colour seminar using a group dynamic theory which allows participants to observe their results objectively. The seminar was used for big companies and the Miss International seminars.
Sion is teaching at sound seminars, public events, female beauty magic programs and the men’s professional image seminars in Japan and overseas.

Story behind the colour seminar

Currently, you can receive a variety of information to improve your beauty and be happy.  Sion Kazu, the director of Sion Inc. and a colour and image consultant talks about why she became a colour and image consultant and how she has created the unique “Beauty Magic Program” which heightens everyone’s beauty and authenticity.

“My daughter who was born in 1994 in Los Angeles was diagnosed with an illness that created a tumour on the left eyelid when she was three months old. The doctor suggested removing her eyeball, but I couldn’t accept that and chose the conservation treatment.

During the treatment, the doctor told me that the dark blue tumour above her eye would prevent the light from coming into her eye and would affect the development of the right side of her brain. The treatment was to cover the good eye and force the light to come into the affected eye for 5 to 8 hours every day. Because we had to cover the good eye, it was a really tough experience for my daughter, and she kept crying. I was desperate and visited our doctor. The doctor told me, “stimulation of colour will activate the brain cells. Please show your daughter many beautiful colours.”

So I started putting origami papers around her crib, and read her colourful picture books.

This is when I realized the power of colour. This episode motivated me to study about colour and with the support of family and friends, I was able to gain the qualification of colour coordinator.


I was accused of child abuse because of my daughter’s dark blue tumour. When I applied foundation on my daughter’s eye, the tension between us and the people around us eased so much and it became less painful to be in front of people. By changing how we looked, the way people looked at us completely changed. So I decided to study about makeup therapy.

My daughter’s tumour started shrinking around the age of 6 and miraculously her eyesight has improved. Now she is grown up and living healthily.

Until we moved to the US, I studied Educational Psychology and worked as a Clinical Counsellor. But after I went back to Japan in 2002, I wanted to tell everyone what I had learned in the US by making a theory easy to understand. So, I created “The Beauty Magic Program” and through it many people are making most of the secrets of the beauty and have unbelievably enhanced their internal and external qualities. I’d be more than happy if you could understand your authentic and balanced beauty, and shift your idea towards beauty and life itself, for you to live a happier life.

Sion Kazu

The methods of using Singing Ring®︎ can be learned only at Sion Inc. Academy Official Seminars. The seminar contents and sound therapy methods are copyrighted and not allowed to be used without permission.

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