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FAQ for Singing RingⓇ

What is Singing RingⓇ

What is Singing RingⓇ?

What is Full Harmonic Overtones?

What is Singing Ring made of?

How big is Singing Ring?

What frequency does Singing Ring create?

I’m thinking of getting either Uchu or Daichi, which one should I buy?

Where can I purchase Singing Ring?

Can I buy Singing RingⓇ from outside of Japan?

How do I maintain it?

Can I use natural Beeswax instead?

Can I get it repaired?

Will it rust if I pour water in the bowl?

Singing Ring gets cold and I don't want to use it on my body in winter . Is there a way to warm it up?


The uses and effects

How can I effectively use Uchu and Daichi?

Do you need to have 5 or 6 Singing Ring bowls to provide the healing session?

How come I can’t make the hexagonal shape on the surface of the water poured in the bowl of Uchu?

Why did the sound change when the Singing RingⓇ was being played on my body?

What is the easy and effective way to use Singing Ring?

What kind of effects can we expect from Singing RingⓇ?


About Singing Ring® Therapist

How do I become a Singing RingⓇ therapist?

Enquiry Form

We will contact you as soon as possible. 

We will use your information to meet your requests or enquiries.

Phone or Email

Okayama Office 086-239-3912(Japanese)

Tokyo Office 080-6608-3690  (Japanese)






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