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FAQ for Singing RingⓇ


About Singing Ring

Q. What is Singing RingⓇ?

Singing RingⓇ is a musical instrument developed in 2004 for a brand new sound healing technique. It emits Full Harmonic Overtones in frequencies even inaudible to human ears. Its potential is receiving a lot of attention and currently being scientifically researched by numerous researchers. Singing RingⓇ is trademarked by Sion Inc.


Q. What is Full Harmonic Overtones?

Singing Ring is an instrument that creates abundance of overtones even in inaudible ranges. Because they contain almost a full range of harmonic overtones detectable and undetectable by machines, we named the sound that Singing Ring creates “Full Harmonic Overtones”.

You can learn more at Singing Ring Basic Seminar 

Q. What is Singing Ring made of?
Singing Ring is made of a special alloy of 7 to 8 metals. Each instrument is handmade by Japanese craftsmen and it takes about 2-3 months to create one bowl.

You can learn more at Singing Ring Basic Seminar 


Q. How big is Singing Ring?
Singing Ring Uchu (=Universe) is about 25 cm. (≒9.8 in.) and weighs about 1400g. Singing Ring Daichi (=Earth) is about 15 cm. (≒ 6 in.) and weighs about 960g.

Singing Ring Uchu (= Universe)  Singing Ring Daichi (= Earth)


Q. What frequency does Singing Ring create?
Singing Ring emits multiple frequencies when played but due to the secrecy of how it’s manufactured, we haven’t disclosed the information.


Q. I’m thinking of getting either Uchu or Daichi, which one should I buy?
Uchu and Daichi have different resonances, powers, and vibrations. There are Trial Seminars so please come and try them out in real life. We recommend you to get a large Uchu first as there are more ways to use it and also place it on your head like a hat.


Q. Where can I purchase Singing Ring?

Singing Ring is only available at Sion Inc. Online shop.

Online shop  Japanese / English 

Q. Can I buy Singing RingⓇ from outside of Japan?
Yes. In Australia, there will be additional charges such as an international shipping fee, 10% customs duties, 5% percussion customs duties, and a customs clearance fee (AU$90). In other countries, additional charges may vary,  so please inquire with the customs office in your country.
* The information is as of November 2018.


Q. How do I maintain it?
If you get oil or finger marks on it, please rinse with water and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth such as flannel. The Singing RingⓇ Basic Set comes with a mini-size beeswax. Please take a small amount of it on a soft cloth and apply thinly, polish, and wipe until dry. If the wax turns white on the surface, spread it while warming the bowl with a hairdryer.

You can learn more at Singing Ring Basic Seminar

Q. Can I use natural Beeswax instead?

Natural beeswax wax has different ingredients depending on the product, and especially lacquer may be peeled off if it contains a lot of oil and dissolves quickly. Sion Inc.'s beeswax wax has a composition that prevents lacquer from peeling, so please use our product for maintenance.

Q. Can I get it repaired?
Yes, it will cost you but it’s possible. Please make a repair request to Sion Inc.
Contact Form


Q. Will it rust if I pour water in the bowl?
It may rust if you leave the bowl with water inside or don’t wipe the moisture off properly. Please store it in a dry place.

Q. Singing Ring gets cold and I don't want to use it on my body in winter . Is there a way to warm it up?

The bee’s wax used in Singing Ring has low heat resistance and may deteriorate at high temperatures.
Please use an electric blanket, heat pack, or hot water at a temperature of 40 to 45 degrees Celsius to warm Singing Ring before you use.

The uses and effects


Q. How can I effectively use Uchu and Daichi?
It’s effective to place Uchu and Daichi nearby and let them resonate with each other. Just playing them as instruments is good, but you may cover your head with the Uchu like a hat and strike the rim with the large stick, and bring Daichi close to the bowl and strike it, too, so that they will resonate with each other. Daichi is made small so that you may carry it around, but by using it together with Uchu, it will play the role of an amplifier.

  • You can learn more at Singing Ring Basic Seminar 


Q. Do you need to have 5 or 6 Singing Ring bowls to provide the healing session?
Not necessarily. You may perform the healing sessions with Basit Set. Although, if you use 6 of them Uchu and Daichi bowls will resonate with each other and it will create a sound dome around the body. The client may have a complete relaxation experience as if they are floating in the universe or soaking in a sound bath. I recommend you get the Singing Ring® 6 Point Star Set.


Q. How come I can’t make the hexagonal shape on the surface of the water poured in the bowl of Uchu?
When you play the Singing RingⓇ, there are ways of holding the stick, ways to perform, and a little bit of technique. You can easily make the hexagon if you learn from someone who can already make the shape or attend our seminars and trial sessions.
If the hexagonal star doesn’t appear on the surface of the water, it means that specific sound (frequency) is not being played, but it doesn’t mean that the other sounds are bad, so please enjoy various sounds and practise to be able to control and play the sounds you like.

  • You can learn how to play at Singing Ring Basic Seminar 


Q. Why did the sound change when the Singing RingⓇ was being played on my body?
In Singing Ring sessions, we place Uchu on your back or your stomach and rub the rim of the bowl. We play counter-clockwise first, and most of the time it emits a low sound with strong vibration. It depends on the individuals, but we keep playing, the sound changes and start making a higher pitch sound. Many people say that once the sound changes, the meridian flow improved or the body felt lighter and better. It can be said that the bowls emit the sounds necessary for the client.


Q. What is the easy and effective way to use Singing Ring?

  • Place Singing RingⓇ in a place you see everyday and play it whenever you want. It will help purifying the atmosphere of the room.

  • Play the bowl on your head or body in the beginning or at the end of the day in the way you like. It will help you feel refreshed.

  • The most effective way is to change the water you use everyday to the Singing Ring Water. For example, by using Singing Ring Water for drinking, bathing, laundry, or giving it to the pets or plants helps your home and your whole family to be filled with harmonious energy.
    We recommend you use a 2-liter plastic bottle to store Singing Ring Water. The way to make it is to place the plastic bottle filled with water in the center of Uchu and strike the side of the bowl several times. And then play the circular sound in counter-clockwise with the small stick for a minute or two, and let the sound resonate on its own for a while. The water will turn into a sweeter taste with lighter and smoother feel.

  • You may also purify crystals, jewellery, accessories, and glasses, as well as cleansing mobile phone energy.

  • You can learn more at Singing Ring Basic Seminar


Q. What kind of effects can we expect from Singing RingⓇ?
Singing RingⓇ’s sound vibration energizes every cell in your body, so it is expected that it improves your blood circulation and helps with the energy flow so that your body starts functioning properly. Singing RingⓇ is a musical instrument, so we can’t tell the medical side of the effects, but here are some of the experiences from our customers.

  • My shoulders and lower back feels so much better and my whole body feels lighter.

  • I realized how tired my body was.

  • I notice which part of my body has knots and is tensed up.

  • After the session, I had a fever, but after that, I felt really refreshed.

  • I stopped thinking of petty things and my distracting thoughts have disappeared. 

  • My sleep used to be very shallow, but I can sleep deeply until morning.

  • My menstrual pain became lighter.

  • My legs straightened out.

  • I feel like the imbalance of my posture has improved.

  • I think the position of my organs has gotten back to the original place.

  • My stiff shoulders feel so much better.

  • My skin condition has gotten so much better as if I used a facial machine.

  • Swelling in my hands and legs have improved when I put them in Uchu and played the sound.


It seems that by using Singing RingⓇ continuously, we can expect the body to return to its original balanced state.

You can learn more at Singing Ring Basic Seminar


About Singing Ring Therapist


Q. How do I become a Singing RingⓇ therapist?
Singing RingⓇ is an instrument so anyone can easily enjoy them the way they want, but by attending the official seminars run by Sion Inc. you may attain the mindset and skills as a therapist through the curriculum. This may enable you to utilize Singing RingⓇ fully in various ways.

 More information about Singing Ring Seminar


About Payment


Q. Can I pay on the first day of the seminar?

No, your application will be confirmed only after we receive your payment. Please contact our office if you need any assistance.

Q. I live overseas but I want to attend the seminar in Japan. Can I pay by credit card or PayPal?

Please contact our office for the payment options.

Q. Do I need to attend all seminar dates?

Please discuss your timetable with us prior to the seminar.

Q. What can I do if I think I am going to be late to the seminar or leave early?

Please discuss your timetable with us prior to the seminar.


Q. Can I change the seminar date to attend?

Yes, we will inform you of an alternative date and you will have to pay an additional administration fee.  Please contact office for details.


Q. How many Singing Rings should I bring to the Seminar?

Please bring one Uchu and one Daichi. However, you can borrow if you haven’t purchased them yet, please contact our office for the details.


Q. I can’t use email, smartphone or a computer to apply for the seminars.

Please call the office to discuss an alternative way.


Colour Seminar

*Currently, the Colour Seminar is only available in the Japanese language. 

Q. What is the Colour seminar?

You will be able to know what your unique colour segmentation and styles are.  It is also an enjoyable experience with a group dynamic. 


Q What kind of benefits can I get if I attend the colour seminar?

You will find shopping is much easier once you know your colour segmentation and style.  Your appearance and health will also be improved.


Q. Are my authentic colours just my favourite colours?

No, it is different and hard to know what your authentic colours are without professional consultation.

Q. I don’t have time to study the textbook or movies before the seminar.

The more you study the textbook and movies before the seminar, the more beneficial the seminar will be.

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