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​Singing Ring Seminars


About the Seminars

In response to many requests to learn how to use Singing Ring®, Sion Inc. has created an original sound therapy


Singing Ring® sound therapy restores balance to your mind and body, helping you remember your true self. By playing this sound and resonating, we will be in harmony with the universe, the earth, and nature, evolve and grow day by day, and create a wonderful life and world with the people we have a connection with. .

Basic Seminar

Learn the basic knowledge and usage of sound and Singing Ring®︎, and use it for self-healing to balance the mind, body, and environment.

Intermediate Seminar

You can learn deeper knowledge of sound therapy and how to play, and use Singing Ring®︎ to make your family and friends happy.



​Performance ​Course

Learning various playing methods and theories, and aim to become professional performer who hold meditation sessions, sound bathing, concerts.



​Therapy Course

To be a professional therapist through various learning and practice such as therapy by constitution, brain and stress, and Ayurveda.






​Singing Ring course pathway

Using Singing Ring®︎, it is a course where you can learn step by step from self-healing to professional sound therapy.

Basic Seminar

Intermediate Seminar

Advanced Performance Course

Advanced Therapy Course

Certification Exam

Certified Performer

Certification Exam

Certified Therapist

Instructor training course

* Certified therapist/performer

After the completion of the advanced seminars, and successfully pass the examination by Singing Ring Association, you will be certified as a professional Therapist/Performer and now able to start your own business.

More information about the certification​

* Certified instructor 

You will be able to educate people who will attend Singing Ring seminars in Japan and overseas as a certified instructor.

The instructors

IMG_4838 (5).png

Sion Kazu  

After experiencing 9/11 locally, in December 2004, she developed the acoustic instrument "Singing Ring" that plays the ultimate overtone. Constructing sound therapy using the miraculous resonance phenomenon (Harmonic Sound Resonance) by Singing Ring, contributing to the health of many people who have lost their balance, the body, mind, and soul, and training therapists and performers in Japan and overseas. ・She does her best to support them.


Hiroe Suzuki

Hiroe learned a lot of medical treatments to improve her health, and worked as a therapist, technical educator, and store manager at a healing salon. She is fascinated by the sound therapy that vibrates deep into the cells, which cannot be reached through massage. 

Subsequently, she became a Singing Ring therapist. For more than 20 years, she has been involved in the therapy of more than 20,000 people.



Toshiko Matsumoto 

Experienced various natural therapy since the 90's. After moving to Australia, she acquired a qualification in massage and beauty therapy. While managing a hotel salon and gaining experience as a therapist for more than 20 years, She has been teaching therapist training schools for more than 10 years. Director of the International Clay Therapy Association. Introduces the sound therapy originating in Japan overseas, and also provides therapy and technical guidance to individuals.

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