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Singing Ring


This is a seminar for you to understand how you can use sound to benefit your body and mind in your daily life. 

It is the first step of Singing Ring sound therapy.

You can use our Singing Ring for 10 days free!

​Watch videos and attend zoom from home.

Image by Jean-Louis Paulin

If you... 

-are interested in the basics of playing Singing Ring.

-are interested in the method of healing your body and mind. 

-would like to explain what Singing Ring is to others.         

-would like to know how to use Singing Ring in your everyday life.

-are interested in giving the Singing Ring Sound Therapy to others in the future.

-are considering to purchase Singing Ring.

Overview of Basic Seminar




After confirming

Application and payment,
*You will receive a Video1 link by email.
*The textbook will be sent by post.

*From 3 days before the Zoom, you can borrow Singing Ring for 10 days.



Video study 1

at home

Watch video 1


Submit Assignment 1

*When you submit assignment 1, you will receive the video2 link.



Video study 2

at home

Watch video 2


Submit Assignment 2



Zoom study

at home


Attend zoom study for practical learning using Singing Ring.

* Zoom details will be sent about a week before the Zoom date.




Watch Review video at home

Watch review video

and submit the final assignment.

You will receive the certificate by post.



Private Zoom

follow up session

​ 30 minutes

 Ask the instructor questions about the course or Singing Ring. 

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Singing Ring

Basic Seminar


Leaf Pattern Design
Leaf Pattern Design

​Basic Seminar on December 3, 2022

・It was fun to play Singing Ring and experience 10 therapies in the lecture with my Singing Ring. I think it was good that I could check my sound  6 in private follow-up

・ It is a word of "appreciation" for taking the ZOOM course. First of all, I would like to thank the Singing Ring developer, Ms. Sion, the engineers who manufacture the Singing Ring,  and the practitioners who are working to spread it. It's not an exaggeration, but I feel "thankful" for everything I learned at this timing.

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