Follow up system

You can access the follow up system to refresh the memories and skills you learn at the seminars.



You can watch the movies after completing each seminar. Password is available upon completion of each seminar.



Group practice session

For the Intermediate/Advanced seminar participants and graduates, the group practice sessions are available.



Seminar re-take

You can retake the seminar again for a discounted price.

Zoom follow-up study session

We will hold a follow-up event online for those who have completed each course (or completed part 1)!
Please enjoy the performance methods you learned in the course, review of acoustic therapy, how to improve immunity, new stories that you did not tell in the course.

All are free, and you can join from all over the world! ‥
The capacity is limited, so please apply early.


Click here for graduates of the Basic seminar

Click here for graduates of Intermediate seminar

Click here for graduates of advanced seminar for the performance.

Click here for graduates of advanced seminar for therapy

Click here for certified therapists & performers

* All times are Japan time.
* Online participation at home, using a system called Zoom. Please see the method on the detail page.
* We will email the password to those who apply.
* If you can not participate on the day, we will send a recording (limited time).