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Singing Ring

therapy course

Training course for the Singing Ring sound therapists.

9 days (3 days of ZOOM training + 6 days of practical training)

This is a course to learn about the mind, technique, and body of a sound therapist.

We offer a rich curriculum that includes the acquisition of the most effective type of therapy that is fused with a wide range of therapies, how to be a first-class therapist, and hospitality.

*Singing Ring Advanced Course is only available to those who have completed the Singing Ring Intermediate Course.

​*It is only in Japanese currently.


We recommend because

Singing Ring is very easy to play. However, by learning at the Intermediate Seminar, you will learn a more beneficial and effective way to heal your family and friends' body and mind. 


We recommend you to move on to the Intermediate Seminar to expand your knowledge and brush up your skills. 

Please come and join us to learn the various performing skills and updated healing methods.


In the new Intermediate seminar, you can learn at home and only have to visit the training venue for two days.

Don't miss this opportunity!




​Watch videos

at home


Advanced Crown Therapy 
Harmonic Sound Lymphatic Drainage, 5 Count
Harmonic Sound Lymphatic Drainage, Forest Sound

Harmonic Sound Lymphatic Drainage, Water Sound



ZOOM Study

​At home


Basic Principles of Singing Ring Therapists, Possibilities of Singing Ring. About Wa Yuru Veda, how to use the questionnaire, theory of 3 types of treatment methods.

5 count, forest sound treatment, water sound treatment, demonstration etc.

Days 3-5



​in Tokyo 


Harmonic Sound Lymphatic Drainage [5 countpractice
[sound of the forest] [sound of waterpractice



​Watch videos

at home


Harmonic Sound Lymphatic Drainage [Wind Sound]



ZOOM study

​At home


Lifestyle Advice, Five Senses Therapy




​in Tokyo 


Wind sound training, art therapy training, water sound training, forest sound training

​After completing the seminar, you can receive a 30-minute follow-up ZOOM on a different schedule.

Overview of course


[Video study & Zoom study]

At home

[Practical training]

Sion Inc. Kagurazaka Healing Salon

26-9 Wakamiya-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Click here for map




Day 1-2 ZOOM:September 5th (Sat) and 6th (Sun) 10:00-16:00

Days 3-5 Practice:October 3rd (Sat), 4th (Sun), 5th (Mon) 10:00-18:00

Day 6 ZOOM:Sunday, October 25th 10:00-17:00

Days 7-9 Practice:November 14th (Sat), 15th (Sun), 16th (Mon/holiday) 10:00-18:00

​ *Includes appropriate breaks and a 1-hour lunch break

*There will be a get-together after the course on the final day (9th day)

*Individual ZOOM follow-up on a different schedule after the course ends

*Applications and payments must be made by August 27th.


Things to prepare

・Singing Ring Uchu x1-3, Daichi x1-2

・Large stick, small stick

・Suction cup, 2 Ring cushions, 2 rubber sheets

・Bath towel, face towel, hand towel

<ZOOM course only>
- Yoga mats and rugs for lying down
- A chair without a backrest (if you have one)


Rental Singing Ring

Singing Rings are available for rent for advanced courses.

We will lend you Singing Ring before and after the Zoom class and on the training days.


If you would like to use the Rental Rin, you need to apply using the "Rental Rin Application Form".Rental Rin​g Application Form

*Please agree to the application terms and attach your ID when applying.

​*Note!There is a charge for using rental rins in advanced courses.

*Please note that the tuition fee will differ depending on whether or not you use rental rin.

*If you have ordered Singing Ring and have not received it, you can use Rental Ring free of charge.


Upon completion

・You can acquire skills as a Singing Ring sound therapist.


・Certificate of completion of advanced therapy course certified by Singing Ring Association will be awarded.


・You can be qualified to take the exam to become a certified therapist.


Tuition fee

Regular price



Zoom/Training 1 day ¥11,000 (¥10,000 + extra)

*The text fee is included in the fee.



Image by Alexander Grey

・It was longer than the previous lectures, but it went quick. As someone who uses the word Ring-Doh, I feel a great sense of responsibility, and as a Japanese person I want to be one of the people who spreads Singing Ring to the world.

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