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Singing Ring


This seminar is for the people who have completed the Basic Seminar. 

You will learn the next level of knowledge and skills of Singing Ring Sound therapy and performance.

After this seminar, you will be able to start performing sound vibrational therapies to your friends and family.

Image by Harli  Marten


1 Learn the basics.

You will learn about the body and mind structure for Singing Ring performance and therapy.


2 Original learning material.

We have prepared original learning material that was created from thoroughly researched theories and technical procedures of performance and therapy.


3 Sound shower effect.

The joy of a face-to-face seminar is to experience sound relaxation from several Singing Rings played together at the same time.

4 Three learning steps.

You will learn and practice theory and technical methods at home through videos and Zoom.



Video study 1-3

at home


Watch 3 videos


Submit 3 assignments


Watch 3 therapy videos


ZOOM study 1

at home



​Attend zoom study for practical learning using Singing Ring.


Video study 4

at home


Watch  video4


Submit 1 assignment


Watch 3 therapy videos


ZOOM study 2

at home



​Attend zoom study for practical learning using Singing Ring.


Practical training 1





​practical training1 + Dinner party


Let's learn

Singing Ring

sound therapy.


Practical training 2





​2nd day of practical training + completion ceremony


​The practical training will be held for 2 consecutive days





Learn the techniques to provide sound therapy to your family and friends.

Awareness and Relaxation, Natural Flow

・Body structure, body map

Singing Ring Performance Theory (Intermediate)

Singing Ring Technique (Intermediate)

・Grounding and centering

・Guided Meditation, Ring-joy

・Crown therapy 

・Balancing Sound Lymphatic Drainage

・Harmonic Sound Lymphatic Drainage

・Chakra Healing & Voice Healing

・Total relaxation​, other



[Video study & Zoom study]

at home

[Practical Training in English]

Australia: Brisbane/Gold Coast  inquiry

[Practical Training in Japanese]

Tokyo: Sion Inc. Kagurazaka Healing Salon

26-9 Wakamiya-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Kobe: Hyogo Prefectural Central Labor Center

6-3-28 Yamate-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo



[2024 English Intermediate seminar schedule]


Zoom1: March 2nd + Zoom 2: April 3rd + Practical training: May 25 & 26th 

Zoom1: August 18th or 31st + Zoom 2: September 8th or 22nd + Practical training: May 19th&20th 


Please watch 7 videos (about 2 hours in total) and submit assignments by Zoom class 1. The deadline for application and payment is 10 days before Zoom1 is held.



1 You can watch videos and attend Zoom at home!

This is a program that allows you to learn at your own pace before practical training at the venue.

2 Limited videos for preparation and review

A video of the technology that allows you to check the techniques will be released to the students for a limited time.

3 Free individual Zoom follow-up

Graduates receive a free 30-minute follow-up with an instructor.

4 You can participate in Group lessons!

After completion, you can participate in the group lesson (separate cost) where you can remember the technique and experience the treatment.

Upon completion


・You can practice sound therapy with Singing Ring for your family and friends.

・A certificate of completion certified by the Singing Ring Association will be awarded.

・You can proceed to advanced performance courses and advanced therapy courses.(currently only in Japanese)

・Sound therapy sessions and products can be obtained at preferential prices.

What to prepare

image0 (002).jpeg

・Singing Ring Uchu x1, Daichi x1

・Large stick, small stick

・Suction cup, 2 Ring cushions, 2 rubber sheets

・Bath towel, face towel, hand towel

<ZOOM study only>
・Yoga mats and rugs for lying down
・A chair without a backrest (if you have one)

Rent Singing Ring


You can rent Singing Ring before and after the Zoom class and on the training days.(Only in Australia and Japan)

We will deliver it about 3 days before the Zoom date. Please return it once after the Zoom 1 is over.

*For 2 days of practical training, we will lend out at each venue only on the day.


If you would like to use the Rent Singing Ring, you need to apply using the "Rental Ring Application Form".Rental Rin Application Form

*Please agree to the application terms and attach your ID when applying.

​*【Note】There is a charge for using the rental line in the intermediate course.

*Please note that the tuition fee will differ depending on whether or not you use rental ring.

*If you have ordered Singing Ring, you can use Rental Ring free of charge.

Tuition fee


☆If you already have Singing Ring 

 198,000 yen

☆If you don't have Singing Ring

 242,000 yen

discount when you apply for the Basic Seminar at the same time as the Intermediate Seminar.


11,000 yen per day .


Image by Alexander Grey
Image by Alexander Grey

​ November 6, 2022  in Kobe

・This is a place where you can gain valuable insight. I think it will be a good opportunity to know yourself better. There is definitely something to be gained with the sound and vibration of Singing Ring for two days.

・It was fun to play Singing Ring with content that is more advanced than basic level.
By receiving the sound therapy session with various people and playing Singing Ring repeatedly, you will discover various things.

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