Group Trial Session 


This is a session for you to see, feel, touch and enjoy Singing RingⓇ. Enjoy the harmonic overtones, perfect resonance and vibration of Singing Ring. It is a fun and relaxing time to experience sound therapy and experiment.

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Singing Ring Yoga

A blissful exercise opportunity to feel the full harmonic overtones with your whole body.

When you exercise while resonating with the full harmonic overtones of Singing Ring, it promotes a faster metabolism and improves the flexibility of your body. Once your body is relaxed, your mind will also relax, and you will feel a blissful mindfulness.

All participants will get the oppurtunity to play Singing Ring at the same time so you will also receive the great effects of a sound bath. The exercise is simple and a Yoga beginner can follow easily. If you are experienced at Yoga, you might have a new opportunity to open up your five senses. We are looking forward to seeing you.Every month at Tokyo salon. 

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Enjoy the healing sound by singing songs or playing games or cards.  

Relaxing and fun recreation workshop for people who would like to laugh out loud like children!

Every month at Tokyo salon. 

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Currently only available in Japanese

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Movie "Gaia Symphony" Movie screening

Movie is only available in Japanese.

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Currently only available in Japanese

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Movie "Roots" screening

Movie is only available in Japanese.

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Currently only available in Japanese

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Seminar & Event Schedule

♪ Official event 

Fun and relaxing time.

[Interview with Atsushi Hichida, ]

At Sion's room on Saturday, January 16th, we will welcome Atsushi Hichida as a guest.
What is Hichida-style right brain play? We will ask you about the brain from various perspectives, such as raising children and preventing dementia. Online lounge members will publish a live link on their membership page.
Click here to apply for the general public

[Experience sound of Singing Ring]

14: 00-16: 00 on December 15th is a Singing Ring experience event.

You can see, feel the sound and relax. Great for the first timers! Sign up here

[Movie "Roots" Screening & Special Meditation]

The latest movie "Roots" directed by Tetsu Shiratori will be screened along with the secret story of the filming! On the day of the event, there will be a special meditation session using Singing Ring, which also appears in the movie ... ♪

Click here for details and booking.  Sorry only in Japanese.

[Ring Yoga]

Relax your mind and body with the overtones of Singing Ring. We will hold thematic yoga!

Tokyo: January 22nd (Friday), February 23rd (Tuesday / holiday), March 26th (Friday)

Click here for details & booking.

[Movie "Gaia Symphony" Screening & Mini Experience]

We will hold a very popular movie screening and experience session. Participants will receive a discount coupon ♪

Click here for details & booking. Sorry only in Japanese.

[Singing Ring Sound Therapy Individual Session]

This is a private session where you place Singing Ring around your body and balance your mind and body with Full Harmonic overtones. How about a relaxing experience, as if you were immersed in a hot spring of sound? * There is also a first-time limited discount course.

* Click here for details and application (Tokyo Salon). Gift certificates for sessions for loved ones! Click here to purchase

♪ Official Seminar & Practice Session

Get knowledge and skills of sound therapy!

[Online Basic seminar]

Learn the nature of sound, its effects on the mind and body, and various self-healing methods. If you do not have Singing Ring, we will rent it for free!

Dates: Saturday, January 16th or Friday, January 29th

Details & application:

Click here if you have Singing Ring

Click here if you would like to rent Singing Ring.

Click here for the doctors' feedback videos

[Intermediate seminar]

Body map, centering, grounding, relaxation, Crown therapy, Balancing Lymphatic Drainage session, and Chakra Healing.

Tokyo: Saturdays, Sundays, January 16th, 17th, February 13th, 14th
Kobe: Saturdays, Sundays, March 20th, 21st, April 17th, 18th

Click here for details and application

[Intermediate, advanced therapy/performance practice session]

Let's work hard to improve your technical skills with your friends ♪

◆ Therapist practice session

Tokyo: January 18th (Monday)

Kobe: January 24th (Sunday)

◆ Performer practice session

Kobe: Sunday, January 24th

Zoom: Saturday, February 13

Click here to apply (Tokyo)

Click here to apply (Kobe)

[Certified Therapist / Performer Certification Exam]

Be a professional who makes the harmonious world with Singing Ring's sound ♪

◆ Certified Therapist Certification Exam

Tokyo: February 26th (Friday) Click here to apply

◆ Certified Performer Certification Exam

Tokyo: January 30th (Sat) Click here to apply

Australia: February 28 (Sun) Please refer to the email for the application link.

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