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Wa Yuru Herbal Tea
  • Wa Yuru Herbal Tea

    PriceFrom ¥1,275
    Excluding GST |

    Supervised by Ayurveda expert Machiko Nishikawa
    Incorporating Japanese and Western herbs
    Sion Inc. Completely original blend herbal tea
    ”Japanese Yuru Tea”

    I was feeling a little depressed,
    For those who feel tired easily
    I would like you to give it a try.
    I want you to heal yourself and save yourself.
    This herbal tea is made with these thoughts in mind.

    Because it is compatible with Singing Ring,
    Enjoy a relaxing W experience with Singing Ring and Japanese Yuru Tea.


    1.8g x 15p (27g)

    <Three commitments of Japanese tea>

    1. Sion Inc. completely original blend incorporating Japanese herbs
    Using carefully selected high-quality herbal ingredients, this is the world's first fusion of Japanese and Western herbs.

    2. Adopts easy aluminum zipper packaging to maintain freshness
    Protects the active ingredients, taste and aroma of high-quality blended herbs.

    3. Japanese tea that resonates with the sound of singing rings
    The harmony of beautiful taste and aroma gently permeates your body.


    <Sounds of the forest> Vata


    When you want to reduce stress and deeply relax.

    When you're busy and have a lot of things to do and get distracted and can't concentrate.

    You can almost hear the scents and sounds of the deep forest, which will give you a breather.



    [Blend content]

    German Chamomile, Rosemary, Genmaicha, Ginger, Orange Blossom, Mallow Blue, Lavender, Lemon Verbena, Lime Blossom, Licorice



    <Sound of water> Pitta


    When you want to return to a cooled-down, relaxed feeling.

    When you're passionate and full-on, but when the heat gets too high and you get a little irritated.

    You can almost hear the sound of soft murmuring water.



    [Blend content]

    Peppermint, rose, hibiscus, barley tea, calendula, rose hips, stevia


    <Sound of the wind> Kapha


    When you want to refresh your mind and body.

    When I feel unmotivated and my body and mind feel heavy.

    When you try to refresh your mind and body for a change of pace, you can almost hear the dynamism of life.



    [Blend content]

    Peppermint, lemongrass, fennel, tartary buckwheat, nettle, elderflower, lemon balm, eucalyptus leaves

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