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CD Oto Shinwa (Sound Mythology)

CD Oto Shinwa (Sound Mythology)

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Sion Kazu (Singing Ring)
Shinsuke Kataoka (music production)
Masatoshi Takeshita (supervisor)

The charm of Singing Ring can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere.
Just by listening to the song, you can awaken the seven chakras.

The sound of Singing Ring is played using seven drumsticks called "Rainbow Sticks" that correspond to the seven chakras. Shinsuke Kataoka, famous for his "Absolute Tempo 116", composed this sacred sound as a "music for awakening the seven chakras and releasing and absorbing energy."

"Close your eyes and be in harmony with the sound. And surrender to that harmony. That harmony is full of peace."

Composed by Shinsuke Kataoka

Recording time: 7 songs, 73 minutes 04 seconds

Chapter 1: Birth
Chapter 2: Creation
Chapter 3: Fraternity
Chapter 4: Harmony
Chapter 5: Prayer
Chapter 6: Truth
Chapter 7: Reincarnation


<For intermediate and advanced students only! ! >

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