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VIP Self-care

Well-being program


Harmonise the frequency of the mind and body for a balanced life

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Program Overview


This program is a three-month program in which you tune your mind and body on a daily basis and experience an improvement in your well-being.


Practice the learning of sound and mindfulness as liberal arts, deepen your understanding of frequencies, meditation, consciousness, and the effects on the body, increase your peace of mind, and transform your body into a healthy one.


Through this practice, the leader's consciousness is raised, vitality is enhanced, and mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical are also improved.

​ Harmonise your mind and body

We will practice acoustic therapy using the acoustic instrument Singing Ring®, prepare the mind and body, and improve consciousness and vitality.


Once a month, you will receive the following one-on-one.

1. Watch a 30-minute video about acoustics at home

2. Acoustic lecture and treatment at Kagurazaka Salon


Raise your consciousness

Once a month, you will receive one-on-one coaching with Mr. Mikio Shishido via Zoom.


From fields such as quantum physics, Zen, and mindfulness, we will unravel the swaying universe and us, and apply it to corporate organizational change, leadership, and team building.


Program Overview



at a time convenient for you​, private treatments and lectures are available.


​Acoustic learning


You will learn about the acoustic self-care of Lessons 1 to 3 in a video and face-to-face private course.

self care


For 3 months, you will practice acoustic self-care at home to prepare your mind and body.

​ blissful experience


Once a month, you can receive sound therapy treatment by a therapist and experience deep healing.

Mind and body ​ is adjusted


Tune your mind and body and shift to a healthier and happier life.

Program Overview




Home and Tokyo Kagurazaka Salon or Australia Salon

date and time

Please let us know when you can come to the salon once a month.

At the salon, a total of 3 hours of lesson and therapy is required.

Please watch the 30 minute video at home before visiting the salon.

Self-care for about 5 minutes at home every day.



Lesson 1 

About sound, body and frequency

Manners and how to play Singing Ring

How to use Part 1 ~ 4 ways to use ~

Lesson 2

Singing Ring's miracle reason


How to use Part 2 ~ 6 self-care methods ~

Lesson 3

research data

human power and natural flow

How to use Part 3 ~Four Sound Therapy~

Things to prepare

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  • Singing Ring (Universe 1, Earth 1)

  • big drumstick, small drumstick

  • Suction cup, 2 mini cushions, 2 rubber pads

  • ​One month free rental is available.

  • Discount on purchase of Singing Ring.

  • For more informationPlease contact us.

  • After purchase, the Singing Ring will be lent out until delivery.

Tuition fee


Tuition fee

¥243,550 (tax included)

Monitor price 192,550 ¥ 243,550 (tax included) for up to 5 people


Face-to-face training and treatment once a month x 3 months

Lesson 1-3 videos

​ text




  • Original herbal tea forest sound, water sound, wind sound

  • CDs or books (whatever you prefer)

  • Singing Ring Online Lounge membership fee cash back

  • You can participate in Singing Ring Intermediate course at half price.

Screen Shot 2023-05-19 at 2.51.51 pm (1).png

VIP Self-care

Well-being program


Harmonise the frequency of the mind and body for a balanced life

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