Testimonials of seminar participants


It was wonderful to learn how the sound helps us to be in the neutral state. I was very relaxed, and the break was perfectly timed. I was touched by the passion of Sion. Thank you very much for the great information.  Perfect!

Mrs. Fumiko Irie, The organiser of Heso-Doh.

I learnt the secret of Singing Ring and it was really fun.  It was great and I respect Sion very much! The seminar was wonderful, it shared the wisdom of the universe easily and truthfully, and it was combined with theory very well.  I am so grateful!  Sion’s passion for her craft was delightful. It was such a joyful and wonderful seminar.  Thank you very much.

Ms. Miyuki Hasekura, an artist, author, and designer.

I was filled with something very nice which was beyond the healing and relaxation.  I understand more the infinit possibility of Singing Ring.  It was really nice to know the story behind Singing Ring and Sion’s passion. I learned how to use Singing Ring and I am looking forward to receiving mine.


Ms. Chie Art, an artist.

It was easy to understand the concepts of sound vibration, and how the right and left brain work.  I respect the greatness of life.  I understand that everything is love, and that we need to keep making actions. Thank you Sion, I appreciated it deeply. 

Ms. Eri Yamamoto, Director of Ai Egao.

I have Singing Ring, but I haven’t used it much before.  I learned a lot about Singing Ring today and would love to use it more often.  I felt the divine message from Sion’s passion and I was deeply moved. It was fun. I thought everything went smoothly in a big flow of energy.


Mr. Koya Yamakawa, a translator and author.

I regret deeply that I haven’t use Singing Ring much before. I listened to the sound of Singing Ring all day and my whole body is relaxed with the vibration of more than ten Singing Rings. It was so much fun and I was healed by the sound. Everyone was beautiful and I was healed by their energy too. I feel that I was rejuvenated.

Mrs. Akiko Yamakawa, a translator and author.

The seminar was well structured, and the textbook was easy to understand. I think the program was also created very well and made the participants relaxed too. I understood Sion’s passion deeply and I would like to support her.  It was just wonderful.

Dr. Akira Ikegawa, A director of Ikegawa Clinic, a researcher of prenatal memories.