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Testimonials of seminar participants

Singing Ring Basic Seminar


In the Basic seminar class, I could thoroughly learn the theory of acoustics, and a lot of methods that will be useful in daily life!  I would recommend this seminar for people who are interested in beauty and health. T.K


It was a well-thought-out course with a preparation video, a zoom class, and a review video. The zoom class was not only a classroom lecture, but also a lot of experience, and it was a fun and fulfilling time. Intuitively, I knew it was good, but the theory made me even more convinced. Also, I learned various ways to use it, and I am looking forward to using with Singing Ring. S.H


I couldn’t play the circular sound well before. I learned how to play it and started practicing with water. Now that I know 10 ways to using Singing Ring, I will use Singing Ring more. Y.T


I was excited to learn how to balance my five senses with Singing Ring. I would be happy if I could heal myself first, practice every day steadily, and then learn intermediate level and convey this healing to my family and friends. S.S


The content was so rich that I couldn't think of it as a beginner's course. In particular, it was good and fun to be able to use Singing Ring for real . KS

I think it is good to be able to actually use the Singing Ring, and to learn how to play and handle it. Also, it was good to ask the instructor any questions directly, so you can understand them on the spot. M.U

It was really convincing and wonderful that "sound" was something that could deliver all the original sounds to anyone. I had a very good time and was very relaxing!  I thought it was the sound of heaven. Thank you for the great content. it's the best!  Fumiko Irie "Hesodo"

I learnt the secret of Singing Ring and it was really fun.  It was great and I respect Sion very much! The seminar was wonderful, it shared the wisdom of the universe easily and truthfully, and it was combined with theory very well.  I am so grateful!  Sion’s passion for her craft was delightful. It was such a joyful and wonderful seminar.  Thank you very much. Ms. Miyuki Hasekura, an artist, author, and designer.

I was filled with something very nice which was beyond the healing and relaxation.  I understand more the infinit possibility of Singing Ring.  It was really nice to know the story behind Singing Ring and Sion’s passion. I learned how to use Singing Ring and I am looking forward to receiving mine.

Ms. Chie Art, an artist.

It was easy to understand the concepts of sound vibration, and how the right and left brain work.  I respect the greatness of life.  I understand that everything is love, and that we need to keep making actions. Thank you Sion, I appreciated it deeply. 

Ms. Eri Yamamoto, Director of Ai Egao.

I have Singing Ring, but I haven’t used it much before.  I learned a lot about Singing Ring today and would love to use it more often.  I felt the divine message from Sion’s passion and I was deeply moved. It was fun. I thought everything went smoothly in a big flow of energy. Mr. Koya Yamakawa, a translator and author.

I regret deeply that I haven’t use Singing Ring much before. I listened to the sound of Singing Ring all day and my whole body is relaxed with the vibration of more than ten Singing Rings. It was so much fun and I was healed by the sound. Everyone was beautiful and I was healed by their energy too. I feel that I was rejuvenated. Mrs. Akiko Yamakawa, a translator and author.

The seminar was well structured, and the textbook was easy to understand. I think the program was also created very well and made the participants relaxed too. I understood Sion’s passion deeply and I would like to support her.  It was just wonderful. Dr. Akira Ikegawa, A director of Ikegawa Clinic, a researcher of prenatal memories.

I learned a lot about the healing of Singing Ring. I can perform therapy better now by intensively learning during the two-day training. If I hadn't taken it, I wouldn't have noticed my habit or wrong way when playing Singing Ring.

During the assignment, I could give the treatment to my family with a little confidence, even though my skills were poor that time. I think that Singing Ring will heal your partner even if you don't have the skills, but I think that the more you improve your treatment skills and mind set, the greater the healing power. Taking an intermediate course expanded my world of Singing Ring ! (M.I)

I'm glad I participated it. In particular, I thought the video was perfect as many people pointed out at the seminar. The quality is very high and it is easy to understand. I recommend to the people who want to go a little deeper than the basic seminar and learn more about the effects of Singing Ring on the body and mind, various healing methods and performing methods.  I think this is a very educational course to give the treatment to the family and friends. (Mr. R.O)

Beyond self-care at the beginner's level, the Intermediate seminar expands the possibilities to heal other people. First of all, we learned with video teaching materials, and in practice, I realized that "my hand does not move easily as I imagined" Now I am motivated to improve the technique and I think it's important to practice it repeatedly. I know that the instructors and assistants who were teaching me were liked us at first and that made me to set my goal. My therapy techniques are not good now, but I would like to continue to devote myself to encourage people who will follow me someday! (M.M)

After taking the intermediate seminar, I realized that the Basic seminar was truly the basic learning.

In the intermediate seminar, I understand well that there are various methods that can bring out the wonderful power of Singing Ring, and both the treatment side and self-healing can be highly effective. (Mr. I.N)

The video lesson was completely different from the usual monotonous "I fall asleep while watching", and I was able to watch it interestingly until the end. I'm really grateful that the videos were beautiful and does not bother me with repeated learning.

Also, watching the video made me feel that I could do what I really wanted to do with Singing Ring.

I think the two days of training was a very valuable time.

In the limited time, my mind was busy trying to remember what I learned before, so I would recommend future participants to practice in advance. (Mr. A.I)

I leaned that the Crown therapy not only relaxes us, but also has an effect to enhance blood circulation, so I want to actively use it not only for myself but also for my family and pets to prevent brain diseases. I also learned the importance of centering and grounding, and I would like to utilize it for my physical improvement and mental stability in daily life.

I was able to learn more about the immeasurable charm of Singing Ring. I was particularly worried about the practical training because I was in my 50s, but the instructors and staff were very kind, fun, and polite, so I was really happy to take the course. (Mr. Y.N)

The instructors taught me very carefully in both the zoom and the practical training session. In particular, the detailed instruction on how to use the body in the practical training was very helpful.

I am glad that the content of the video is easy to understand and can be reviewed many times. The content of the textbook was also organized in an easy-to-understand manner, and I was able to remember well by filling in the blanks.

I think this is a course where you can learn deeply about Singing Ring and at the same time gain basic life skills that can be used not only in Singing Ring therapy but also in various therapies and sessions. (Mr. E.N)

The textbook was easy to read in color and linked to the video, so it was easy to do pre-learning.

The videos were also unit-by-unit, and the time was short, so I didn't have a hard time watching them. I think it's great to be able to study repeatedly.

I think the content was much deeper compare to the Basic seminar, and it is a very fulfilling curriculum.

I found that the practicing surrounded by a lot of Singing Ring was indescribable comfort by purifying the people and places there. There is no doubt that you will be even more excited to learn about Singing Ring’s potential! (S.U)

I found that Singing Ring Intermediate seminar was much deeper than the basic seminar.

 The more you learn, the more new ways you will find to make useful Singing Ring.

Practical training with instructors and participants in the intermediate seminar greatly improved understanding and gained new awareness compared to doing it alone.

It is highly recommended for those who want to enrich their daily life with Singing Ring. (Mr. Y.K)

 1. I learned a lot!

I thought I knew now how to hold the sticks and how to play a sound. However, in the practical training, I was able to realize my habits and then acquire better and correct skills with detailed and careful guidance from the instructors. Above all, I learned the importance of volume of the sound. Specially, it was difficult to produce the small sound.

The instructors taught me how to hold a small stick correctly and the tips to make “just the right sound" without any effort.

 And I learned that the position of the body is important to smoothly and comfortably perform the therapy for myself and clients. It was also like dancing a waltz with Singing Ring.

 2. Healing effect.

To tell the truth, I had never received the Singing Ring sound therapy session before.

You make a pair for the sessions, and you’ll play as a practitioner and a client.

  It was great experience to receive the treatment for deeper learning. This is the best! It's nice to see how the client deeply relaxed with my Singing Ring's therapy as practitioner. I thought it was a great learning to experience the client to receive the therapy.

 3. Really fun! 

It's really happy to meet and learn with the people who love Singing Ring and want to learn Singing Ring therapy! It was good to share the difficulties, practice hard and encouraging each other. Additionally, not only the seminar instructor, but also the professional certified therapist participated, so I was able to receive detailed instructions.

During the training, I shared dreams and ideas with others, and it was a fun time. At the start and the end of the training, I noticed the changes not only for myself but for everyone ♪

 In the Singing Ring Intermediate Seminar, you will learn deeper than Basic Seminar ♪ Just having Singing Ring is not enough. You can also experience the possibilities of sound therapy, and it may be a new step to enrich your life.  (Sion Inc staff, Ayame)


Singing Ring Advanced seminar for the Performance

It was fun to see everyone's performances and productions! In this seminar, we could create new values together. Singing Ring's performance makes people smile and laugh. I leaned so many ways to enjoy Singing Ring and I would like to keep practing it.  A.K.

I learned a new striking technique. Also the other people’s performances including the sounds, settings, costumes were very interesting and helpful. I was nervous about the performance, but it was a lot of fun! I will continue to practice what I have learned, such as left-handed use, striking, and circular sound techniques. Mr. S.Y

In group performances, we practiced a lot together, such as matching the tapping sounds. I enjoyed sharing time with everyone in the group.

The sense of accomplishment and joy that I felt after the presentation is a lifetime memory! Mr. S.Y

It is better not only to play, but also to consider things that are reflected on the screen such as actions and Zoom, and in improvisational performances, it is better not only to play with an idea, but also to incorporate a change of origin and make it a sharp and timeless performance. There were many new things to notice! TM

I enjoyed learning with everyone even it was my first experience to perform in front of people. It was a very positive experience! Now I think it’s important to consider not only the techniques but also the silence of the performance etc.. It was great to receive various advice that I wouldn't notice myself. I was inspired by other’s performances and I would like to brush up my performances. Mr. JM

I learned how to sustain the reverberation, which made it easier to play.

I learned a lot while listening to other people's explanations and being able to explain Rin accurately. Mr. KY

I was amazed at the fact that I could make various sounds depending on the angle, speed, pressure, and position of the stick. There are various techniques, and the importance of using the left hand.  I learned a lot in four days. Mr. Y.K

I saw the performance videos of many people and groups. And it was a great learning experience, including the difference in how they were shown at the venue and at Zoom.

I realized the importance of communicating the wonderfulness of Singing Ring in my own words and expressions. Mr. AK


Singing Ring Advanced seminar for the therapy

I have been able to experience the healing power of Uchu  and Daichi.  Not only the striking sound and the circular sound, but beyond that there is a deep healing world backed by techniques, theory, and attitude. It's amazing! 

I was impressed by the established Singing Ring therapy and want to be able to accurately convey the wonders of Singing Ring. Mr. M.I

I was happy to learn the Wa Yuru Beda treatments for balancing specific body types.

During pair work, I learned that it is important to respect the client's own intentions and feelings in various situations, and it was a very deep learning experience. Mr. M.T

I learned a lot from the therapist's series of customer service activities, from welcoming them to seeing off.

In particular, I thought it was amazing that the wording and consideration for customers were taken into consideration in every action. Mr. R.O

The three treatment theories of Wa Yuru Beda are amazing! 

I was losing hope before that I might not be able to learn what is really effective and important anywhere. It was a great learning to be able to practice the polite customer service before and after the session. Mr. E.G

I learned the new and wonderful aspects of Singing Ring.

I thought it was amazing that there are differences in how to play Singing Ring depending on the body type to enhance the effect. Also the navel lymph drainage session was amazing! Mr. A.A

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